Gençler Kablo Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi was founded by Mr. Faruk ÇAKIR in 1979 at Çaglayan - Istanbul. At the beginning the aim of the company was producing Low Voltage and Data Cables for inner market use. In 1990 after being a supplier for cables of ARCELIK, company decided on branching on White- Household industry. With the improvement moves on machinery equipments, company moved to its new location at Bayrampasa - Istanbul in 1991. By finishing the new manufacturing building in 2010 Gençler Kablo moved to its new location at Eskisehir with a 17.000 m² open and 6.000 m² closed area.

Time Line of Gençler Kablo since 1979:

Founded in 1979 by Mr. Faruk ÇAKIR in Istanbul - TURKEY
Started its production life at a 300m² closed area with 2 extruders.
In 1985 registered its products with TSE standardizations.
In 1990 started producing cables for Turkey’s biggest household appliance producer Arcelik.
In 1991 moved to its new factory building in Bayrampasa –Istanbul with a 980 m² closed and 1000m² open area.
In 1992 started producing its own granulate.
In 1995 reached to 5 extruder capacity
In 1996 registered its products with VDE standardizations.
In 1996 became the first company for producing 90° and 105° granulates and cables approved by VDE in Turkey.
In 1998 increased its closed area to 2600m²
In 2000 started producing Schuko, 2.5A and 10A plugs.
In 2001 took VDE approvals for its plugs.
In 2003 bought 2nd moulding machine
In 2004 Started producing UK plugs with KEMA approval
In 2005 became an ISO 9001:2008 registered company from VDE
In 2006 reached to a semi-automatic plug production plant with a capacity of 400.000 pieces per month.
In 2008 decided on growing-up to be one of the leading company in Turkey and invest the new company land from Eskisehir – TURKEY
In 2009 invest new machinary to improve its capacity and quality by buying Pawo automatic line for power cable production
In 2010 registered its products with another quality mark HAR.
In 2010 March started test productions in Eskisehir factory
In 2010 June Istanbul production stoped and Eskisehir production started with 100% capacity
With Eskisehir factory, Gencler Kablo has reached to 6.000m² closed and 17.000m² total area.
In 2010 with a 9.000.000$ investment Gencler Kablo has became the second biggest power cable producer in Turkish market.
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