Eskisehir Factory Building Has Been Set Up - 01.06.2010
Start line of the new plant construction in Eskisehir was given in 2009 and Gencler Kablo has starte... Read more >>
6th Neighbour Cuntries Fair - 10.05.2011
We are going to participate to the 6th Neighbour Countries fair in Gaziantep at 02.06.2011 - 05.06.2... Read more >>
Fire Fighting Training - 12.05.2011

Gencler Kablo staff had a instruction from Eskisehir Trade Chamber Fire Fighting Department for t... Read more >>

Arctic Romania Factory Visit - 03.10.2011
According to our Customer Fullfillment visits, we had a meeting at Arctic Romania Factory.
We...
Rosendahl Visit - 07.06.2011
Rosendahl - Austria sales represant and Turkish distrubutors had a visit to Eskisehir plant.
...
Teleset Cerkezkoy Factory Visit - 26.04.2011
We have visited Cerkezkoy Telest Factory according to our customer fullfilment visits.
We wou...
Arcelik TKM Factory Visit - 25.04.2011
According to our customer fullfillment vizits we had a meeting At Arcelik Turkish Coffe Machines Fac... Read more >>
Er-Bakir Factory Visit - 21.06.2011
Between the dates 21 June - 22 June 2011 we had a visit to Er- Bakir Denizli plant. After a detail t... Read more >>
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This page will be filled according to the law of internet which will be publis i...Read More >>>
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